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2013 Summer Author Blitz

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2013 Summer Author Blitz!

My good friend Belle Whittington and I are hosting this MASSIVE promotional event online for the entire month of July! Over 40 authors in 31 days.  Blog posts, GIVEAWAYS, Scavenger Hunt, Twitter and Facebook parties and Author On the Air internet radio interviews!

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RA: Good Books for Tween Boys

Middle Grade or Tween Boys are often considered the MOST reluctant group of readers.  As a librarian, I take this as a challenge, and always manage to put a book in their hand that I am SURE they will love before they walk out the door.

I actually feel that Tween Boys might be easier to find a book for than a reluctant Teen Girl reader.

Here are just a few suggestions of books/series that might grab the interest of your Tween Boy reader:

Before Suzanne made it to the big screen with her Young Adult series, THE HUNGER GAMES, she wound a wonderful tale of a boy who falls into a mysterious underworld and becomes a central character in a war that is unfolding there.  See the link for more information on this series.

I cannot say enough good things about Rick Riordan and this series.  I have seen so many boys (and girls) between the ages of 9 and 13 absolutely TURNED ON TO READING thanks to Percy Jackson.  The good part is, once you get them hooked, it's pretty easy to keep finding more for them to read!

Percy Jackson is growing up a "normal" kid in the USA.  Except, he's not so "normal".  He's the son of the Greek god, Poseidon, and he must endure a dangerous journey to catch the thief of Zeus's ultimate weapon, Lightning. 

Riordan reboots traditional Greek mythology with a modern-day twist.  Absolutely engaging.  Boys will read without complaining about the page count and want more when it's over.

Another fun bit: some online fun at Camp Half-Blood!

  • 39 Clues by various well-known Children's and Young Adult authors
Very popular in the middle grades with both Girls and Boys.  These mysteries put the reader at the center of the story as it unfolds from book to book and between.  Written by authors such as Gordon Korman, Peter Lerangis, Rick Riordan and Roland Smith (to name just a few), this series provides books that are short, yet gripping and perfect for reluctant readers. 

But the BEST part about this series is the clue at the back of each book where clue cards are hidden and the reader can go to their online account to continue the adventure until they get to the next book in the series.  WOW what an awesome way to tie in the technology that these kids live with, and get them engaged in reading!

I certainly could provide a TON more recommendations, but just hoped to give out a little tidbit to help those assisting struggling or reluctant readers of this age group.  Feel free to email me if you have any questions!



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