Monday, August 12, 2013

Book Review: PAWNBROKER by Jerry Hatchett

After reading countless dystopian, vampire and zombie apocalypse books, I took a break to read something I haven't read in a long time...a THRILLER.  And I was in for a treat!  PAWNBROKER written by an author who lives in the same area as I do, did NOT disappoint!  It had me hooked from the very beginning and was very difficult to put down. 

Jerry Hatchett has skillfully woven a story of corruption, murder and lies.  Grey Bolton is a simple pawnbroker, living a simple life in small town Mississippi.  He kills what he thinks is a would-be robber, is thrown into a mess of government corruption, and must survive to prove his innocence, save his family and stop a terrible plot to take over power.

Hatchett is a skilled writer, making both the characters and the setting very believable.  The secondary character development added a great deal to the story as it unfolded.  The plot twists kept me rapt with curiosity, and I couldn't help but read "just one more chapter" to find out what would happen next!  

I highly recommend PAWNBROKER to lovers of thrillers and intrigue.  You won't be disappointed!

Find out more about PAWNBROKER and Jerry's newest book, SEVEN UNHOLY DAYS at this link:

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  1. Thanks so much for taking the time to read and review! I really appreciate it!