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MONARCH by Belle Whittington - Guest Review

Every now and then I like to have other readers add their reviews about books they read.  It's a nice break from my usual posts, and gives all of you a chance to get another opinion on a book.  Today, I have a review of Indie Sensation, Belle Whittington's MONARCH, the third book in the Cicada Series. The book just released this week and is getting much attention via a great blog tour with a contest! Click on the link and enter!

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A REVIEW OF MONARCH by Belle Whittington

In this final installment of Belle Whittington's Cicada trilogy, we find out if Blair will follow her heart. Will Blair choose Everett her true love or Ash the one chosen for her? Will she rule like she was destined to do? Or throw it all away to be with the one she loves? Will Blair find her mother? You will find all these answers and so much more in this book.  This story is an action packed full of suspense and yet a wonderful love story combined. It's a keep you on the edge, turning the next page kind of book. Once I started to read, I could not stop. As the story began to unfold and many layers of secrets were revealed it seemed to me like I knew where it was heading. WRONG!  This story had so many twists and angles and of course more secrets. New characters were introduced and I fell in love with them. As Blair is searching for more answers,  more hidden agendas from others were revealed.  

This book is a wonderful love story yet it is about aliens and survival. Where two soul mates were meant to be together but will they have that chance? Ash makes a point to keep Blair to himself and at all cost tries to split Blair and Everett up. Can their love survive the kind of secrets that unfold when Blair begins to remember? Will these secrets kill? If so, who? And why? Come find out and read Monarch.  Belle Whittington sure knows how to write so you feel like you are apart of the book. Belle will capture her audience and keep you thoroughly entertained. I know I was. 

I loved this trilogy and I am so blessed I ran into Belle and she sold me her first two books. Her enthusiasm and story telling of Her books is what ultimately had me purchase them. Thank you for the honor of being able to read an advanced copy of your baby, Monarch. Monarch is wonderful read. I highly recommend this book. Monarch get 5 stars from me.

~Nicole C.~

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  1. Thank you so much for such a heart-felt review, Nicole! And thank you, Tabatha, for sharing it on your gorgeous blog! <3