Monday, October 31, 2016

New Release: NEW YEAR, BABY by Lilly Christine

Once Upon a Schuylkill, there were magical, moonlit kisses. . . 
After years of friction, Philadelphia divorce attorney Pit Bull Mollie is out for blood, and Jerk Derek, a talented documentary filmmaker, still doesn’t know what he did wrong. 
A chance encounter on an overbooked flight leads to a showdown. 
Why is Jerk Derek still trying to get it right? 
His attraction to petite, fiery Mollie must be some weird kink! 
And what is it about Derek, anyway? 
He’s sexy, accomplished, kind. . .really not at all a jerk, so why can’t Mollie leave it alone? 
Old sparks kindle an explosive encounter, promising the New Year’s Eve of a lifetime!

Mollie couldn’t help it. Her laughter turned to giggles, then snorts, so she had to pinch her nose to contain herself. Derek just smiled, lowering his lips to suck foam from his draft IPA. Mollie’s eyes followed the tousled hair to his neck, his sexy, man smelling, broad muscular neck. The buzzy glow that warmed her stomach burned a little hotter, and she couldn’t help glancing at his wrists, those perfect man-wrists, clad in the grey lambswool sweater he’d pulled over his t-shirt, thick beneath the cuffs of his thick, worn leather jacket. 
Mollie felt her knees clench. 
What am I doing getting blitzed with Jerk Derek?

10:17 pm
“Boy’s Club?”  Derek was enjoying the pleasant buzz Mollie Ireland gave him, especially after a few beers.They were on the street now, waiting for a cab. “You pinned me as a Boy’s Club guy?” 
“Undoubtedly,” Mollie said primly, busily tucking her scarf snugly into the collar of her double breasted sky blue merino wool coat.
“That’s right, you’re a lawyer,” he said, realizing the problem. “The practice where you work is inundated with Boy’s Club types, eh?” 
“It is,” she admitted ruefully. “And I was married to one.” 
“Who did you marry?” he asked.
“Win Calloway.” 
“Oh, God...Win Calloway? How long did that last?” 
“Two years. It was my starter marriage. I got a lot of really nice china and serving pieces out of it, which of course I never use.” 
Looking disarmed and defenseless, her breath encapsulated in white puffs against stark night air, Mollie shivered, so Derek took his black wool watch cap from his jacket pocket and pulled it over her copper curls, down past her ears. Corkscrew tendrils streamed from it at odd angles as Mollie’s curious, pensive hazel eyes gazed at him from her heart-shaped face. Nervous now, she licked her lips, then caught the upper one in her teeth. 
Something stabbed at his chest. 
Mollie was no pit bull. Mollie looked a lot like the girl he’d kissed on the dock. Prettier, if that was possible. 
Steering her towards the cab, Derek felt his smile broaden. After three old fashioneds and two draft IPA’s, he was feeling pretty good. “I’m sorry that things went south with Win Calloway, but after him, you should recognize me as Most Definitely Not Boy’s Club,” he told her.  
“You are so Boy’s Club, Derek,” she asserted. He held her elbow as he grabbed the cab door. “You just don’t see it. Boy’s Club boys never do.”
They were in the cab now; space was tight. Mollie was lush and warm next to him, her hair coiling against his chin. He couldn’t understand how five feet five inches of non stop curves could be so sober after five drinks. The cabbie loaded her bag in the trunk, and when he behind the driver’s seat, Derek gave the cabbie his address. 
Mollie was not just sober. She was lucid, and if he wasn’t mistaken, she was warming up for a fight. Recognizing the gleam in her eye, he braced himself. Mollie raised a hand. Sticking one expensively gloved finger up at a time, her words came in condemning rapid-fire. “White-Educated-Good Looking- Way Too Confident- Oozing with Charm. That’s not Boy’s Club?”
All five of her fingers were in the air, but her voice sounded amused. “Admit it,” she charged, giving him a little grin, rolling her hazel eyes. “You’ve gone through life absolutely fawned over by mothers and teachers and nurses and secretaries.”
That was true. But, still. “It doesn’t make me Boy’s Club.” 
They were at his corner now. He grabbed Mollie’s attache and his camera from the cab, and after the cabbie got her bag, they headed towards his place. Pulling her own suitcase, Mollie walked a straight line, her red bow- festooned pumps click-clicking on the sidewalk. “The females you come in contact with never say no. Guys like you always get your own way, Derek.” 
He laughed, slipping the key in his lock. “If you say so.” 
Mollie’s brow furrowed. “Wait. What are we doing here?” 
Derek sidestepped the real question. “This is my place. I’m opening the door.”
“No, wait.” She waved a gloved hand in front of her face, foggy. “What time is it?” 
“Just nine-thirty,” he lied, switching the light on. It was quarter to eleven. “I thought I’d feed you.” 
“Oh you thought?” she said, the ‘aw’ of the word thought too soft, almost slurred. “Like you thought you’d feed me three drinks on the plane and two more in a dive bar near Thirtieth Street Station?

Lilly Christine’s debut novel, Crashing Into Tess, won TRW’s 2013 “Catherine Award”,  was a 2014 finalist in DRW’s “Best First Book”, and “Best Contemporary” categories, and is the first in the popular McGreers Series. Lilly returns to her birthplace for the setting of “Philadelphia Love!” an exciting new urban rom-com Holiday Novella Series! In 2017, look for “Valentine, Baby!” “Sing It, Baby!” and “Independence, Baby?” 

About Philadelphia Love Series . . 
I first fell in love with Philadephia as a child. Born there, I remember learning to read via Sesame Street, playing in Fairmount Park and our cozy city-block stone house with the deep front porch. We moved to the country before I was five, but I could explore all the city had to offer on visits  to grandparents and aunts. Wanamakers, City Hall, Independence Hall, Betsey Ross House, Ben Franklin Press, the Zoo and the Thanksgiving Parade were childhood delights.  It’s been great fun to set my Philadelphia love series in that city. I hope you are transported. .
Lilly currently resides in Reno, Nevada. When not writing, she can be found walking her Daschahuahua rescue puppy on the Truckee River

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