Review Policy


I am currently not accepting any new material for review.  I will update this page as soon as I am able to catch up with my TBR pile!

I read heavily from the following genre/class: paranormal romance, contemporary romance, new adult, erotica, historical fiction and Young Adult (as my current job requires me to), however, I love new adventures and am willing to tackle any genre if the book is interesting enough. If you want an idea of the kinds of books I normally read, check out my Goodreads book shelf.

I am always open to small-press and self-published titles, but please ensure your book is professionally edited and finished. The teacher in me always wants to get out a red pen and mark up spelling, punctuation and grammar mistakes (although I KNOW I’m far from perfect).

I make every attempt to post my reviews on my Facebook Page, Goodreads, Twitter and Amazon.

To submit a review, contact me directly (librarylady625[at]gmail[dot]com)


I can take any format although I prefer print or Kindle e-book. PDF e-books require me to be stuck at the computer to read and will take extra time. I use NetGalley a TON.


Unless I have committed to a book-tour or a pre-release review, I don’t make promises for a date for a book review. I try to read review copies as quickly as possible , but please keep in mind that I am juggling a career, a family, and my own writing.

If you have a “no-later than” date for a review, please let me know in your initial email.


I do not use a rating system for my book reviews. As a professional, I make every attempt to keep my reviews fair, honest, and well-balanced. If a review title is something that I cannot say anything positive about it, I will politely decline the opportunity for the review, or will not post a review if I cannot recommend the book to my readers. If I purchased the book myself, I may tactfully tell my followers not to waste their money to buy the book themselves ;-)

Hard copy books or advanced readers copies (ARCs) are either given away in contests or donated to a local readers group, unless I can find room on my overcrowded book shelf to keep them. Received books or ARCs will never be sold.

I often receive free books to review. I do not receive any compensation for my reviews.  I do not guarantee a good review for any books received or even a review at all (please consider the above Review Policy).  The thoughts and opinions expressed on this blog are entirely my own. 

I do receive small compensation for participation in blog tours for Lone Star Literary Life, but only for promotional posts, and these funds help to keep this blog running. 

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